Smoking is Harmful for Pets!!!

Smoking is Harmful for Pets!

While much is often said about the dangers of direct smoking and the harmful effects of secondhand smoke exposure to humans, there is also evidence that dogs, cats, and other pets are also adversely affected.


  • By ingestion of cigarette or cigar butts which contain toxins
  • By drinking water that contains cigar or cigarette butts (which can have high concentrations of nicotine).
  • By breathing secondhand smoke
  • By ingestion of nicotine replacement gum and patches.

Health Effects:

  • Breathing problems in dogs and asthmatic-like symptoms in cats
  • Salivation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Cardiac abnormalities
  • Respiratory difficulties and respiratory paralysis
  • Feline lymphoma in cats
  • Lung cancer in dogs
  • Nasal cancer in dogs
  • Death- From 1-5 cigarettes and from 1/3-1 cigar can be fatal if ingested.


  • As in the case of children and others in the home, don’t smoke.
  • If you must smoke take it outside- Don’t expose others to your smoke
  • Don’t allow others to smoke around your pets.
  • Keep ashtrays clean- Don’t leave butts in them for pets to find.
  • Dispose of nicotine gum and patches in receptacles that can’t be accessed by pets.

Consider quitting– The health effects of your smoking on pets is just one more good reason to quit.

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