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Inspiration from former smokers

1. “I´ve quit smoking not only for me, but for my loved ones, this beautiful planet included.”— Keddmia Castro Del Río.

2. “Yes, I quit smoking 31st January, 2012. I had pneumonia. I was ready to take my decision. Today i am proud to be non-smoker.” — Louise Tremblay.

3. “I almost died 3 weeks ago from smoking. I’m 37 year old, a mom of 4. I am 100% cigarette free after nearly losing both lungs.” — Gina Marie Gordon.

4. “I quit in 2010 August after 5-6 years of smoking… used to smoke 6-8 cigarettes daily. Gave up this nasty addiction after atleast 15-20 failed attempts. If i can, then why not you?  First 2 weeks is the most difficult time. Learn to say one word “NO”. Whenever you think about a puff , about purchasing a pack or when someone is offering a puff … say NO.”— Pandora.

5. “I quit smoking in March 2012 after 7 years of smoking… used to smoke 25-30 cigarettes daily. The happiest moment is when i wake up and don’t feel that nasty taste in mouth. Now i feel like champion when i run in the morning.”— Wasim Khan.

6. “I quit smoking 3 years ago right before my tripple bypass surgery and my husband quit the day i came home from the hospital . So i guess in a way i helped him stop smoking.”— Donna Anderson.

7. “Thursday is my 90 days of being a non-smoker. I’ll be happy not ever lighting up again. I want to live longer to enjoy my grand children.” — Rick Clay.

8. “I was smoking since last 15 years, but I had to quit it few months back. I am now a diagnosed case of lung cancer. Smoking is really injurious to health. I feel sorry as I didn’t listen to my parents and didn’t quit smokingearlier.” — Denis.

9. “I just ended with smoking. Weakness is worst. Strength is best. Stop smoke today.” — Jessie.



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